JOE MARTIN  Author & Director
Playwright, novelist and theatre director, Joe Martin's
works comprise an international and experimental
exploration into the border regions between the spiritual
cosmos and the cultural-political world.

He is the recipient of various grants and awards as a
writer and director, including a Fulbright Senior
Fellowship in Theatre, and grants from the Rockefeller
Foundation, the American Scandinavian Foundation, the
DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, among
others.  In 2002 Martin was selected to serve on the roster
of Senior Fulbright Senior Specialists, as a theatre artist
in Eastern Europe. He was reappointed in 2011, for work
in the Middle East.

Also active as a translator of drama from Swedish,
Norwegian and Spanish, he has translated many works of
August Strindberg, as well as Jens Bjorneboe, and Juan

A director and dramaturg of over fifty stage productions
in the US, Canada and Europe, his choices have included
both originals and classic works:
The Ghost Sonata
(Washington 1988), Parabola: Tales of the Wise and the
(Washington, 1990), Anatole's Lover (Washington
1991), Woyzeck (1993),
The Match Girl's SNOW QUEEN
(Washington 1995), Three Plays by Brecht: The
Wedding/The Chalk Cross/The Beggar
(with Zeljko
Djukic, 1997),
Rumi's MATHNAVI (Washington and New
York, 1998-2001), and Jose Rivera's
Marisol (Bucharest,

Martin is a senior lecturer in the Department of Theatre
Arts and Studies, Johns Hopkins University; and Creative
Writing at George Washington University. He is currently
a resident fellow in the arts at the Center for Global
Peace, Washington DC.
Boesman and Lena by Athol Fugard.  
Diyar Theatre, Bethlehem 2014.
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"[An] absurdist mind grenade for the 90s ... Joe Martin's first
novel paints this neo-European shadow landscape with
panache.  The biggest surprise, however, may be learning that
this modern day Tower of Babel was concocted by a gifted
American writer."
                     Richard Peabody, Editor, GARGOYLE


"[A] splendid introduction to one of the most exciting
playwrights in the country."
              DRAMALOGUE, Hollywood, California


"... through the tightly structured geometry of this
metaphorically rich [work comes] a recognition of the search
we undertake to fix a place for ourselves ... and try to make
sense of a confusing, alienating and often combative world."
                                         HIGH PERFORMANCE


"Martin is not far behind [Strindberg] in versatility.  Martin's
experience as a scholar, playwright, novelist, poet, essayist,
theatre director and producer are a perfect fit, as he presents
"other sides" of Strindberg to a North American public."

            Bjorn Meidal, THE STRINDBERG SOCIETY
SOUNDWAVES: The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan

Production in New York City, by Bridge Theatre Group as part of the
NYC International Fringe Festival, directed by Adrian Roman, August
Commentary, responses, reviews and photos.
Rumi's MATHNAVI : A Theatre Adaptation
Newly out 2013, PessOpen

with art by Enrique Castanon
"In Spirit Garden, poet-scholar-playwright Joe Martin sings ecstatically of the
One, the hidden integrity of opposites & the living mystery of existence. He not
only fuses Sufi, Buddhist & Jewish paths in a troubadour's transcendence both
timeless & time-bound, his thirty poems share the page with Enrique Castanon's
haunting figures which shift foreground and background to meta-illustrate the
gestalt of Martin's vision"
                  --Kirpal Gordon, author, Author, Eros in Sanskrit